Hello! Welcome to my virtual kitchen. I am glad that you stopped by. 

I am Dr. Urmila, a biological Research scientist by profession. Currently I am living in Freiburg,  the land of Black forest cake, with my loving husband and son.

I love cooking and feeding home cooked food to my loved ones. I am from north kerala, brought up and schooled in Karnataka surrounded by my dad's Tamilian friends and families. I am married to a south keralite. After my marriage we moved to europe and United states. So my cooking is influenced by so many cuisine varieties. You may find me cooking an authentic dish or a medley of different cuisines depending on my mood. I also love to dish up new recipes that are quick and simple.  

This blog is my honest attempt to pen down whatever I whip up in my kitchen. Most of my recipes are my favorites from different parts of India, especially the south. They are good for everyday cooking for the whole family. Occassionally, you will find trying international recipes too. All the recipes are tried and tested in my kitchen and approved by my husband (photographer cum critic) and my family and friends. I hope you enjoy making and eating these dishes as much as I did. 

Thanks for visting. Hope you find what you came here for. I would love to have your feedbacks and suggestions. Drop me a message using my contact form. I will get back to you soon.

Earlier this was known as good eats corner. it was renamed last year. That is why some photos still have 'goodeatscorner' on them.

If you want to use any of my pictures, please contact me.
Sweet and spicy Regards,


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